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How to Prep a House for Painting

Painting your house can be a big project and prepping it beforehand is a crucial step. House painters in Orlando will always ensure that a house is completely prepped for the paint job before starting. Here is a quick list of things to take care of beforehand. 

How to Prep a House for Painting

Clean It

It may seem a little counterintuitive to clean the area before you paint it, but if you paint over a dirty house, you’ll regret it quickly. Before you even pull out that bucket of paint or call your painting company, get out your ladder and hose. It’s time to give your house a thorough bath.

When you clean your house, be sure to scrub it. Don’t hold back. After all, if you scratch the current paint, that’s alright. You already have plans to cover it up. If you have a pressure washer, using it to clean your house before you paint it can be a fantastic way to go about things. Just make sure you know how to operate it and don’t get too carried away.

As you clean the outside of your house, look out for any mold, mildew, or peeling paint. You want the surface to be as clean as possible and using an anti-bacterial cleaning agent can help. Of course, mixing a regular cleaning solution with water works just as well, but be sure to scrub away any old paint that’s peeling or moldy spots.

Set Up Ground Protection

You may not think about it at first, but you’ll definitely want to set up tarps on the ground to protect your grass or porch. Falling or splattering paint may not show up right away, but you’ll definitely notice it once you’ve finished and it’s already dry.

Before you get painting, make sure to thoroughly cover the ground around you with a tarp. Protect bushes and shrubbery as well as your garden. Even if it’s in the backyard and you don’t necessarily care if the plants get dirty, paint isn’t healthy for them and could hurt your plants. If it’s possible, it might be a good idea to move delicate plants out of the way entirely in order to protect them as much as possible.

Look for any hoses or utility boxes to cover as well. Tape and tarp around immovable objects. It’s better to set up too much protection rather than find out later on you missed a place or two.

Scrape and Sand Away Old Paint

It’s time to get rid of old, peeling paint entirely. Also look out for paint that has bubbled. Take out either a tough scrub brush or a scraper and get to work on removing that old paint. It needs to all be gone to ensure that your new paint turns out looking nice.

Once you’ve scraped away as much of the old paint as you can, get a sander and take care of the rest. You can use medium friction sand paper for smaller spots that can be sanded down manually, but getting a sander will help finish the whole job faster and with lesser effort.

It’s important that the area you’re painting is as bare as you can get it. While this process may be long and tiring, it’s necessary if you want a good paint job. Never take shortcuts and paint on old, flaking paint. This will just cause your new paint to simply flake off.


Prepping your house for painting can be a chore, but it will make sure your house looks better at the end. By taking a little extra time before getting started, you’ll end up with good results and a paint job that looks great. 

Types of house paint. Which is best?

If you are considering hiring an Orlando painting company to paint your home, you may be focusing on the colors available. But it is just as important to pay attention to the types of paint you can use on your home to get the most for your money. This will provide you with the best possible results and prevent you from needing to repaint every year.

Types of house paint

To get the most out of your paint, you need to select the right type for your home.

Primer Paint

Primer is used as a base for the actual paint to better adhere to. This will be the first coat to go on your walls, but is not to be used as the actual main paint. This is because primer is designed to enhance the paint you choose, rather than covering your walls. You should always make sure your primer is made of the same base as the paint you want to use. Do not use an oil-based primer with a water-based paint, or vice versa.

Water-Based Paints

Water based, or latex and acrylic paints, are a quicker drying option that produces a matte-like finish. This is a more environmentally friendly option, and better withstands issues like mold and mildew. Latex-based paints are well loved for how easy they are to work with. They are durable, easy to clean up and can withstand direct sunlight well.

How to choose

It can be hard to decide which paint to use on your home, especially with the misinformation out there from the big consumer sites. I hope this little bit of information makes your decision easier. Through trial & error, I now only use what I know to be the best paint available.

Firstly no matter what grade paint you choose, the best sheen finish for exteriors is Satin. Satin finish will fade less, stay cleaner longer and give a more slick surface where mold will have a harder time bonding to, than flat finish paints.

Sherwin Williams SuperPaint or Resilience will last longer & look better than the Standard paints. like A-100, but hard to say how much longer. Where you will really see the difference in durability is on the South & West sides of your home, especially if it’s a 2-story with more exposure. We really like Sherwin Williams SuperPaint, it has proven to us, in our experience to be one of the best exterior paints.

The Primer/Sealer option is for those who want the longest lasting paint finish on their home, or for very neglected/chalky or peeling painting surfaces, then it’s required. A good estimate of how long it will extend the life of your paint, is about 2-3 years.


Don’t risk choosing the wrong type of paint for your home. To get the best results, pay attention to the type of paint first, then worry about colors. This will both provide you with a better result, and save you money in the long term.

Tips on how to maintain your newly painted house

A fresh coat of paint applied to your home by Orlando painters can make it look like a completely different place. Beautiful vibrant colors, no stains, and no blemishes mean your home will be looking its best right after being painted. But how do you maintain that look over time? Here are some things you can do to keep your fresh exterior paint looking new.

Tips on how to maintain your newly painted house

To maintain new paint on your home, you need to take certain steps.

Prepare Before Painting

The best way to keep your paint looking great is to take the proper steps before the painting is actually done. Without prepping your home for painting, you can end up with lots of problems, including a sloppy looking finished product and paint not adhering, causing it to peel.

Firstly, you need to choose a paint that is both high quality and able to handle the environment it is in. For exterior paint, you need to look for something that can handle UV rays, accidental impacts, and the climate you live in. We Highly recommend Sherwin Williams SuperPaint or Resilience.

You also need to clean your walls before painting them. Otherwise, you can end up painting over dirt and dust, making it look unprofessional. It is recommended that you pressure wash your exterior walls with a chlorine solution and water. This helps you remove dirt, dust, dried out faded paint, and other surface contaminants.

You should consider hiring a professional to do the job, as well as the painting to get the best possible outcome. It is also important to do multiple layers of paint to get the best coverage and provide greater durability. For heavy-duty cleaning, consider a pressure washer. With pressure washers, you need a professional to know the right amount of pressure and distance to use the washer from.

Don’t Forget the Gutters

It’s easy to forget about your gutters. However, gutters that are properly functioning can make a real difference to your exterior paint. Gutters help to direct moisture away from your home, thereby protecting your exterior paint. If your gutters are choked, you might have water flowing onto your exterior walls.

Prevent Moisture

Moisture damage is always going to be a problem with your home. But the role it plays on your paint can come in several forms. Mold and mildew, or algae can grow on your walls, creating unsightly spots that will need to be treated before the spores can spread. Water stains can cause discoloration in your paint, as well as peeling and cracking.
To prevent moisture damage, you should keep your gutters clear, have regular inspections, and perform regular maintenance on your home. You should also make sure that you aren’t blocking your home from sunlight with nearby trees.


You don’t have to rely on the environment to decide when your paint stops looking new. By taking the time to do some basic maintenance, you can keep your paint looking fresher longer and keep your curb appeal high. Having fresh paint can also make your home look more inviting and help you enjoy your space fully.

Why Does Paisley Painting Choose Sherwin Williams for your House Exterior Repaint, and Why You Should Too

Paisley Painting, is proud to feature one of the local businesses that we utilize in our painting contractor company.  This company comes with a rich legacy. The company was originally started as Color Wheel by the Strube familyin 1960, and sold their company to Sherwin Williams. Rock solid in their experience and technology, the same family began a second painting company, and called it Sherwin Williams.

As an Orlando painting contractor with more than 21 years experience, I search for the best quality products to use for my customers.  “Not all coats of paint are created equal… even with the same paint, one applicators paint coat can be applied much thinner than another paint.”

As I searched for the best quality paint, I met with the chemist and owner of Sherwin Williams, and I was impressed with all aspects of their company. They are passionate to make the best quality paint; and when I use their paints for exterior house painting, the thickness and texture stand out above most all other brands. Sherwin Williams drys thicker than other paint brands; and once it is cured, the paint looks like it’s more of a beautiful coating, as if your house is wrapped in vinyl versus paint.

In today’s, blog, I am featururing Sherwin Williams Company, so you can start to see for yourself why this paint company stands out as one of the best name brand paints. Florida Paints was founded with the goal of providing a broad assortment of quality paint products and accessories, ample inventory, and the best customer service experience in the paint industry. The success of the company is dependent on quality products and unparalleled service. Florda Paints takes pride in the following tenants:


Sherwin Williams has the finest paint experts. Family owned and operated, the people behind Sherwin Williams are true paint professionals. The sales and management staff have over 150 years of combined paint experience, while the leadership team has over 200 years. When it comes to paint, Florida Paint’s humbly believes that there is no other paint supplier in Central Florida with the deep well of knowledge that we possess.


Sherwin Williams designs their products for the Florida climate. Manufactured in Orlando, every Florida paint is formulated specifically to outperform the competitors in Florida’s intense, unforgiving southern climate. The exterior paints and coatings resist wind-driven rain, mildew, and fading much longer than national brands; and their interior products provide outstanding washability, gloss retention, and long lasting beauty.


Sherwin Williams has a strong desire to satisfy every customer every time. In today’s difficult economy, they realize that the customers’ success depends on the ability to “get it right” every time. They pledge to do whatever it takes to ensure their products and service are of the highest quality, and that every Sherwin Williams experience is nothing less than a positive and pleasurable one. Sherwin Williams is excited to tell you their legacy and product, and invite you to give them the opportunity to show you The Sherwin Williams Difference.


As stated below, Paisley Painting offers Florida Paint as your standard & premium paint choices. With 15 & 25 year guarantees respectively, you can choose Sherwin Williams with confidence.

A. STANDARD (15 Warranty) Two-coats of Florida Paintes Glade, 100{f9e0b7c51f338c2c76ec8d095ce49427b106998558096bda9de1b9c0b4073e85} acrylic satin paint, dry film thickness of 2.9 mils.

B. PREMIUM (25 year Warranty) Two coats of Sherwin Williams Seaside premium satin paint, dry film thickness of 3.4 mils.

When it comes to Oviedo painting contractor services, there is no better name to trust in than Paisley Painting. With 21+ years of experience as a painting contractor, we know what it takes to get the job done right. More importantly, we take care of our Central Florida customers.

We want you to be able to rely on Paisley Painting for whatever it is you may need completed for your residential or commercial property, as well as for your exterior home repaints. Paisley Painting contractor company provides you with the highest quality of prep work and clean up to go along with the professional Oviedo painting contractor work that we do. Contact your Oviedo painting contractor services today so we can get started working for you.

If you are looking for an Orlando painting contractor, contact us at Paisley Painting at 321-244-3792 or by email.

I look forward to working with you!

How to Choose the Right Painting Contractor Company in Orlando, Fl

When hiring an Orlando house painter, follow these tips to ensure you choose the right one for your painting project:
Painting is one of the more popular home improvement projects homeowners like to undertake. Whatever the scope of the project, hiring a professional painting contractor will save a lot of time and effort.
Before you choose a contractor who meets your needs, consider the following:

1. Professional Experience as a Painting Contractor

How long has the painting contractor been in business? This trade can have high turnover. Make sure you hire someone who has been operating for two years or longer.

2. Painting Contractor Employees versus Subcontractors

Does the painting contractor have employees? If so, are they direct employees? Do they receive a paycheck from the painting contractor, or are they considered subcontractors? If they are direct employees, the painting contractor’s workers will be paid by the paintng contractor, and workman’s compensation and general liability insurance policies should cover their employees work.
If the painting contactor/house painter uses subcontractors, the subcontracotrs should have their own insurance policies. Either way, the professional painting contractor should give you a copy of a current and up to date proof of insurance for both of their business and any subcontractors they use, if necessary.

3. Legal Licensing

Does the professional painting contractor have a state-issued license, general liability insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance? It is absolutely critical that the painting contractor you choose has all necessary insurance and licenses.
A reputable painting contractor will have all the proper documents for licensing, workman’s comp and professional liability insurance. Remember that workman’s comp and liability insurance protects you, your home, the professional painting company, and any employees that the professional painting company may have on site.
Be sure to check if the professional painting company has current and up to date liabilty and workmans’ comp insurance. Even if a painting contractor provides you with proof of insurance, it does not mean the insurance is up to date, paid, and current.  To ensure your painting contractor is up to date on his insurance coverage to protect you, call the number provided on the painting contractor’s proof of insurance. Remember, proof of insurance should be provided to you with the professional painting estimate.

4. References and Customer Reviews

Can your professional painting contractor provide you with a list of references? How many references do they have? Call several eferences before making your final decision to hire a painting contractor.
Also inquire if the professional painting company has any online reviews you can read and look over. A trusted and professional house painter/painting contractor should be able to provide you with more than one place they have online reviews. Good places to look for reviews for a professional contractor are Google Business, Thumbtack, Angie’s List, Home Advisor, Yelp, and their official website, to name a few.

5. Preparation work.

What kind of preparation work does the professional house painter do? A cheaper house painter/painting contractor will skimp on the prep work to cut corners. However, a good professional house painter will take the time to do everything that should be done, what they have stated they will do in the proposal, and what you both agreed would be done. The workmanship will show in the end, good or bad.

6. Knowledge.

Experience counts! Can the professional house painter make recommendations on what materials will work best for your house painting project? Does the house painter sound as if he is skilled and knowledgeable regarding his trade? A professional house painter/painting contractor will keep up with the latest products, techniques, and paint brands. They will have suggestions for colors and finishes, as well as demonstrate knowledge about the latest trends.

7. Formal estimate.

Make sure the professional house painter puts the scope of the painting project, materials they will use, as well as the amount of prep work in a written contract. Be sure your contract is not outlined on the back of a business card or a haphazardly drawn-up dollar figure on a piece of paper. A professional painting contractor will provide their clients with professionally written contracts and specifications for your interior and/or exterior painting project.

8. Guarantee

Does your painting contractor offer any guarantees besides the guarantee offered on the products by the paint manufacturers? Most reputable professional house painting contractors will offer a warranty on the application/preparation process. If so, you should expect a written guarantee.

9. Cost

Price is naturally a concern; however getting the lowest price should not be your first or only consideration. You want to hire a house painter with skill and experience; one who is licensed and fully insued that’s current and up to date. Finding a quality painting contractor will not likely be the individual with the lowest bid, but it does not need to be the highest bid, either.
Make sure not to hire on price alone, but look at the whole picture. Painting contractors operate on very tight profit margins. You will hear of homeowners who hired college students, unlicensed individuals and teachers out of work in the summer and were happy with the work. If the price seems too good to be true, however, it probably is.

10. Always get at least three bids/estimates.

Ask and state the same questions and expectations for each bid/estimate you acquire. Once you receive your estimates, carefully compare all estimates/bids to have the same amount of:
  • Prep,
  • Materials,
  • Scope of work,
  • References
  • Up to date insurance and license documentation.
If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at (321)-696-5445 or by email at
We look forward to hearing from you!
William Paisley, Orlando Painting Contractor/Owner of Paisley Painting Company

Why Elastomeric Technology is Inferior

Elastomeric is old technology, and is not needed anymore because of how much latex and acrylic paints have advanced. With today’s technology, any decent latex and/or acrylic paint is elastomeric, especially satin finish paints.

The old technology of elastomeric paint is also an expensive option. It has a thick texture, and it does not spread far while repainting the interior and exterior of your home. Therefore, you would have to purchase twice as much paint.

Many of the painters who suggest using elastomeric paints for interior and exterior house painting are charging you more money, but not putting on a thick enough coat. In the end, they make more money, and end up giving you a thin elastomeric paint for your house painting project that is inferior to a good 25 year paint. The thickness of coating is important, but it is just as important as the chemical makeup of the paint too.

Ask yourself these questions as you are choosing the paint for your exterior and interior house painting projects:

1. Will the paint you choose for your exterior painting hold up to the sun? Most elastomeric paints are not as fade resistant as the paints I use for interior and exterior repainting projects.

2. If you are worried about the cracks in your home, Orlando painters from Paisley Painting, always caulk all of them with a 50 yr caulk, prior to applying a True Two-Coat Painting process for your exterior house painting.  In my professional opinion, this technique is far better than painting elastomeric paint over these exterior cracks.

If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact us! I will be happy to answer your questions!


How To Remove of your stress making a color choice for your interior and exterior house painting:The Top 5 Must-Have Painting Apps for 2022

Do you agree that choosing a paint color for your home can be stressful? You can spend hours in the paint section of a store comparing paint swatches, attempting to find the perfect match for your interior or exterior home repaint.

Well, today we have some good news for you! Making your paint color choices will be significantly easier, and who doesn’t crave reduced stress?

In this blog post, 5 Must-Have Free painting apps will be highlighted to make the task of choosing paint for your interior or exterior repaints easier on you!  These apps will remove a multitude of guess work and stress!

These painting apps will allow you to “virtually” apply paint so you can visualize how your paint color choice/s will look, as well as color match any photo on your smartphone.

These 5 top painting apps are either Android &/or Apple compatible.

Here is a list of the Top 5 Painting Apps that are available for 2022:

1. ColorSmart App will allow you to virtually paint a handful of interior rooms with 2 clicks!

App Created by Behr Mobile

Behr’s app has a built in explore color function. It allows you as the user, to search for a paint shade by its name, number, or color family. The color-match function is especially user friendly, and allows you to take a picture or select an existing one from your photo library, and the Behr app will match that color with an existing Behr interior or exterior paint color.

Pros: The preview function for this app allows you to virtually paint a handful of interior rooms by clicking the paint color and the wall you want to visualize the paint color on. Cons:  You can see what the paint color looks like in a room, however, it’s not the wall in your own home, so you can’t see your specific wall with your design elements, which could change the way you choose your paint color.

One thing to take note regarding this app is that you may get different color-match results for the same color sample. Although these colors are extremely close in match, I would still recommend that you always put a sample on your wall and look at the real paint color you are trying to match for your exterior or interior repaint before making your final painting purchase.

The Best part of this app is the following:

It allows you to save projects, colors, pallets, and paint calculations so you can come back to your work at a later time. It  allows the you to explore possible color choices for interior and exterior repaints, and assists you with color matching.

But there’s a catch…

This app does not have the functionality to personalize the look of the space from where you would like the paint colors placed in your home repaint.

2. Paint My PlacePaint allows you diversity to explore paint color choices from 3 different paint brands!

This app does not have an alliance with a major paint company, so this app allows you to explore your paint color options for interior and exterior house repaints for 3 different brands:

Benjamin Moore, Dulux, and Farrow&Ball.   I obviously prefer this app because it allows you to explore your color choices for Benjamin Moore paint, which is one of the paint companies I utilize in my painting contractor business.

So here’s the deal…

This app will use one of your photos on your phone of the existing interior or exterior wall you are going to repaint. You can select the brand name, choose the color range, and  paint the area you would like to see virtually on your phone!

But here’s the downside for this app…

The free version has ads, which may be distracting to the user. The paid version is $2.99, and the paid version will suggest colors for the interior or exterior wall repaint from your uploaded photo, plus it allows you to work with many different color choices.  The paid upgrade will also allow you to save and share your color choices for your interior & exterior repaints with others.

3. Color Capture allows you to match any colors in your smartphone photos, plus share with others!

App Created By Benjamin Moore

The app will match the colors in any of your photos and also reveal to the user the four closest shades you are comparing and matching for your interior or exterior house repaint.

The pros of this app…

It allows you to save your color choices, email your color choices, and post to 2 social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter.  Why not get your friends’ and families’ opinions & recommendations through social media to filter your ideas and/or to receive assurances and/or suggestions with your color choices for your interior and exterior house painting projects.

The cons of this app…

The reviews state that many app users found that the colors look very different on the phone screen than they do with an actual physical match. These are digital paint samples, plus the brightness & resolution of the phone screen can create variances in the color.

4. Color Snap makes it easy to match paint color choices to a photo in your smartphone!

This app is created by Sherwin-Williams

Here’s the features you will love on this app…

You can create color palettes and match paint color choices to a photo in your smart phone. The color-match feature will automatically choose the colors in the photo that it is able to match and creates a color palette from the colors in your picture. This app also allows the user to choose a color match, and the palette will include a selection of complementary colors.

Here is the minor downside to Color Snap…

Each color choice for your house repaint can be viewed in a “sample room”; however, it’s not a picture of the paint on your specific wall, with your specific design elements.

5. Color Connect connects you to a “live” color consultant to assist you in choosing your house color!

Created by Valspar

The app allows you to explore Valspar paint color choices that you can purchase through Lowe’s, ACE, or independent retail stores.  It also includes a  paint calculator that helps you estimate how much paint you’ll need for your project.

The savvy feature of Color Connect…

You can upload photos from your phone and receive advice from a color consultant via live video, audio, or e-mail. There are also how-to videos to help you get your project off the ground.

What’s the downside to this app?….

You can not save your paint colors, and there is no search query box to look for paint colors.

And that’s not all…..

We hope that you found this blog useful to decrease the stress in choosing your exterior paint color.  Paisley Painting would love to know how to serve you with your house exterior & interior repaints.

If you are ready to have your house exterior or interior repainted by an experienced, trustworthy, and thorough professional house painting company, with current and up-to-date liability and workmans’ comp insurance, contact your Oviedo painting contractor company! Get your house exterior & interior repaint completed professionally at a competitive price!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 321-244-3792 or by email.

We give our customers FREE Estimates within 2 hours, and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Happy Customers are the #1 priority! Paisley Painting, an Orlando Exterior Home Painting Company, looks forward to working with you!


William Paisley, Owner/Orlando Painting Contractor, Orlando House Painter


Why is Now the Best Time to Paint the Exterior of Your House

“Deck the Halls” with a Transformed Look of Your Home!
Fall is now upon us, and most of Floridians have started to breathe a sigh of relief!  The cooler temperatures take the hot summer edge off, and the anticipation of the Holidays inspire you to start thinking about home improvement projects that need to be completed before the decorations go up and your guests arrive at your doorstep.
Repainting your house exterior can provide a huge impact on transforming and updating your home, and exterior house painting has the power to take an older looking home and change the look to a brand-new house. It is an excellent way to create a wow-factor for your holiday guests and social gatherings. However, the challenge in the Holiday season is prioritizing your to-do-list, while managing the timeline of your exterior house painting with the holidays looming just around the corner.
Your To-do List to Prepare Your Exterior Painting Project for the Holiday Season:
In order to prepare your to-do list to have the home exterior holiday-ready, here are some tips for you to consider:

1. The number one delay in exterior house repainting is how to choose the best house painter/painting company.  Stay tuned for next week’s blog, as I will discuss the important factors to consider as you carefully choose who you want to trust with your exterior house painting.

2.  The second major factor in repainting the home exterior is the indecision over your choice of paint colors. It is best not to wait to start looking at paint swatches and narrowing down what you prefer for your exterior house painting colors. Sometimes, the color options become overwhelming, and you stall the project while you are swarming in the sea of color choices.  As an Oviedo painting contractor with over 21+ years experience, we understand, and we would be happy to assist you to make that decision with a Free color consultation.

3. Another key factor in managing the timeline is the Home Owners Association (HOA) approval process. If you live in one of Central Florida’s neighborhoods that are governed by an HOA, ask the following questions:
A. Are there specific HOA-approved colors that you have to choose for the exterior of your home?
B. What are the requirements for the approval process for exterior house painting?
C. How often does the HOA meet to approve the colors to repaint the exterior of your
D. How long should you expect to wait before a decision/approval for your exterior house painting color?
With these considerations in mind, this is a perfect time to start an exterior house painting project. Imagine what all your friends and family will say as they arrive with their Holiday visits and cheer!
Experienced and Customer-Focused Oviedo Painting Contractor
Paisley Painting, an Orlando professional painting contractor, values quality work and customer service above all else! Happy customers are the #1 priority, and it truly is the foundation of how the business is run. We do not use subcontractors, all house painters working on your home are our own employees; and as the owner, I am on each job site.  Your paint is never thinned, we use the highest quality paints with extensive guarantees, plus you receive a True 2-coat painting process.
If you want to know what others think about us, we are top rated by customers of Thumbtack ​for 2016, and have a 5 star rating on Google. We have over 70 online reviews to demonstrate our reliability & professionalism we provide to our customers.

Top 8 Customer Choices of Exterior House Painting Pictures by Paisley Painting in 2016

Do you agree that repainting the exterior of your house can provide a huge impact on transforming and updating your home? Exterior house painting has the power to take an older looking home and change the look to a brand-new house. Take a look at our Top 8 Customer Choices of Exterior House Painting Pictures by Paisley Painting in 2016. 

So here is the deal for you…….

If you are ready to have the exterior of your home  repainted by an experienced, trustworthy, and thorough professional house painting company, with current and up-to-date liability and workmans’ comp insurance, contact your Oviedo painting contractor company! Get your house exterior repaint completed professionally at a competitive price! We definitely pride ourself in customer satisfaction, and deliver a professional job that won’t break your wallet. 

1. After Exterior House Repaint in Orlando, FL by Professional Painting Company, Paisley Painting-Oviedo, Fl



 2.After Commercial Repaint by Professional Painting Company, Paisley Painting in Oviedo, FL



3.  After Exterior House Repaint in Orlando, FL, by Professional Painting Company, Paisley Painting-Oviedo, FL



4. After House Exterior Repaint in Kissimmee, FL by Professional Painting Company, Paisley Painting in Oviedo, FL



5. After House Exterior Repaint in Oviedo,FL  by Professional Painting Company, Paisley Painting in Oviedo, FL



6. After House Exterior Repaint in Lake Mary, FL  by Professional Painting Company, Paisley Painting in Oviedo, FL



7. After House Exterior Repaint in Orlando, ,FL  by Professional Painting Company, Paisley Painting in Oviedo, FL



8. After House Exterior Repaint in Lake Mary, FL  by Professional Painting Company, Paisley Painting in Oviedo, FL


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 321-244-3792 or by email.  

We give our customers FREE Estimates within 2 hours, and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! 

Happy Customers are the #1 priority! Paisley Painting, an Oviedo Exterior Home Painting Company, looks forward to working with you!


William Paisley, Owner/Oviedo Painting Contractor, Oviedo House Painter


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Winter SpringsWinter Garden, Windermere, Longwood, Lake MaryOviedo, Sanford, Sorrento, and everywhere in between.