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Tips on how to maintain your newly painted house

A fresh coat of paint applied to your home by Orlando painters can make it look like a completely different place. Beautiful vibrant colors, no stains, and no blemishes mean your home will be looking its best right after being painted. But how do you maintain that look over time? Here are some things you can do to keep your fresh exterior paint looking new.

Tips on how to maintain your newly painted house

To maintain new paint on your home, you need to take certain steps.

Prepare Before Painting

The best way to keep your paint looking great is to take the proper steps before the painting is actually done. Without prepping your home for painting, you can end up with lots of problems, including a sloppy looking finished product and paint not adhering, causing it to peel.

Firstly, you need to choose a paint that is both high quality and able to handle the environment it is in. For exterior paint, you need to look for something that can handle UV rays, accidental impacts, and the climate you live in. We Highly recommend Sherwin Williams SuperPaint or Resilience.

You also need to clean your walls before painting them. Otherwise, you can end up painting over dirt and dust, making it look unprofessional. It is recommended that you pressure wash your exterior walls with a chlorine solution and water. This helps you remove dirt, dust, dried out faded paint, and other surface contaminants.

You should consider hiring a professional to do the job, as well as the painting to get the best possible outcome. It is also important to do multiple layers of paint to get the best coverage and provide greater durability. For heavy-duty cleaning, consider a pressure washer. With pressure washers, you need a professional to know the right amount of pressure and distance to use the washer from.

Don’t Forget the Gutters

It’s easy to forget about your gutters. However, gutters that are properly functioning can make a real difference to your exterior paint. Gutters help to direct moisture away from your home, thereby protecting your exterior paint. If your gutters are choked, you might have water flowing onto your exterior walls.

Prevent Moisture

Moisture damage is always going to be a problem with your home. But the role it plays on your paint can come in several forms. Mold and mildew, or algae can grow on your walls, creating unsightly spots that will need to be treated before the spores can spread. Water stains can cause discoloration in your paint, as well as peeling and cracking.
To prevent moisture damage, you should keep your gutters clear, have regular inspections, and perform regular maintenance on your home. You should also make sure that you aren’t blocking your home from sunlight with nearby trees.


You don’t have to rely on the environment to decide when your paint stops looking new. By taking the time to do some basic maintenance, you can keep your paint looking fresher longer and keep your curb appeal high. Having fresh paint can also make your home look more inviting and help you enjoy your space fully.