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What Qualifies as a Commercial Paint Job?

To most people, painting is just painting. However, there is a difference between commercial paint jobs and residential paint jobs. If you aren’t familiar with professional paint jobs, you may not realize how commercial paint jobs differ from residential paint jobs.

As a business owner, it’s crucial to recognize the differences in commercial and residential paint jobs as the skills required for each are different. For example, you can’t expect a residential painter to know how to correctly complete a commercial paint job and vice versa.

Here’s a glimpse at some differences between the two and what qualifies as a commercial paint job.

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Project Size

Commercial projects are typically much more extensive than residential projects. Where residential painting is fairly straightforward, commercial painting usually requires much more paint and manpower to complete the project.

That being said, there is often confusion when the paint job includes multiple apartments within an apartment complex. While it is technically a residential project, this job would usually be considered commercial due to how large the project is. 

Equipment and Materials Involved

With residential paint jobs, not as much equipment is needed. As a result, there will be considerably less paint needed, and even if there are a variety of surfaces to paint, the materials are usually cheaper and less complex.

When it comes to commercial paint jobs, professionals need to know how to use multiple tools and treat different surfaces such as wood, concrete, marble, plastic, and metal. They’ll need to use more equipment to complete the job, and, as expected, more paint will need to be purchased to cover the size of the project.

Commercial painters will also use commercial grade paints, primers, and coatings. These are different from residential materials, and in order to be applied properly, the painter needs the proper knowledge.

Services Offered

Residential painters don’t usually offer additional services. In contrast, commercial painters may offer various services to help prep and further improve the aesthetic of your commercial paint job. 

Commercial painters may offer services such as brick waterproofing, concrete ceiling repair, masonry coating, stenciling, roof coatings, and much more. The best way to find out what additional services a commercial painter may offer is to check with them. They’ll be able to provide you with a complete list of extra services offered.


Commercial paint jobs are rarely flexible. Businesses are limited in availability, and commercial painters understand this. As such, it’s often easier to schedule a commercial paint job to fit within your time constraints. To complete a commercial paint job promptly, commercial painters may work outside of traditional work hours so that companies don’t have to stop business.

Project Management

The project management surrounding your paint job will be quite different depending on if it’s a commercial paint job or a residential job. Commercial projects are larger and require more coordinated project management as delays can be costly for a business.

Commercial painters have much more concise project management than residential painters. They’ll emphasize productivity and timeliness so that neither the painters nor the business is stressed about the paint job.


Both residential and commercial painters will be experienced in what they do, but they focus on different aspects of the job. While residential paint jobs usually require experience guiding homeowners in choosing their paint, commercial paint jobs require experience recognizing and planning for safety.

Commercial paint jobs may include high walls that have additional safety requirements. Within these safety measures, painters must ensure their work speed and quality are not hindered.


Commercial and residential paint jobs are very different, so it’s vital to know what type of paint job you have. If you’re unsure, our professional painting team can help you determine the nature of the job. Whether you have a commercial or residential paint job, it’s best to rely on professionals like us so that your paint job looks as good as possible.

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