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Is It Possible to Paint Wood Commercially?

Your wood building might need a new paint job to give it a fresh look and a new lease of life. You can indeed paint wood commercially, although the process isn’t as simple as picking your paint color and grabbing a paint brush. A lot more effort is required to get your building prepped before starting the process.

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Is It Possible to Paint Wood Commercially?

Yes, you can paint wood commercially. However, extra prep work is required to ensure the paint applies correctly and lasts for a long time.

You should also be aware that you will eventually want to repaint your wood, but how often this happens depends on your climate. For a more tropical climate, you will have to potentially repaint every three years. More temperate climates can go up to seven years.


We need to first clean the wood before applying any paint. Using a combination of trisodium phosphate and bleach is a potent cleaner, degreaser, and will help de-gloss any previous paint. This means that the new coat of paint will bond much better with the wood.

Doing this type of pre-cleaning will also get rid of any spots of mold or stains, preventing any future problems.

Preparing the Wood

In general, we only need to repair any holes or cracks before priming the wood. It’s vital that the right primer is used to finish the coat before applying the paint.

We also ensure that we have the paint and supplies ready at the right time of the day. After all, the temperature and time of day will affect the painting, so we try to do our painting when it is over 40- or 50-degrees F. 

Why You Should Paint Your Wood Building

Why repaint your wood building at all? Of course, aesthetics is a factor, but even if you don’t care too much about how your building looks, painting has a lot of other benefits nonetheless. 

Benefits include pest-proofing and waterproofing your building. All those bugs and vermin cannot get in if your building is properly sealed, and if you use products intended for actual exterior use. These products will also keep out water and prevent any future wood swelling or dry rot.

A good coat of paint can make your building that much more comfortable since it blocks sunlight and keeps the interior cooler. The reduction in sunlight will prevent problems with the wood, but reflecting the sun’s rays also keeps you cooler. You might notice a reduction in your energy bill as well.


Painting your wood building is a great idea and brings some significant benefits—as long as it’s done right. Making sure that the correct outdoor paint is used is vital so that you won’t need to worry about repainting for a long while. Give our team a call today so we can get it done right and give your wooden building a fresh new look and extended longevity! 

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