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why paint cracks

Do the Products We Use Prevent Paint From Cracking?

Paint cracking is a common and dreadful problem. Maybe you can overlook some imperfections in your paint, but paint is supposed to transform your room to look fresh and new. Unfortunately, it won’t look that fresh with cracks in it. This is why our Orlando commercial painters take extra care and use products and techniques to prevent paint cracking.

Why Does Paint Crack?

You might initially notice little vein-like lines running through your paint. Perhaps you see one tiny crack and think it isn’t a big deal. Unfortunately, cracks often grow into jagged and very noticeable flakes. This can happen inside and outside the home, usually if the surface hasn’t been prepped adequately before the coat is applied.

Paint can also crack if it is applied too thinly, or if there are too many coats of paint. You should notice this right away if the paint is too thick, since it will dry with a clumpy appearance. If paint isn’t allowed to dry in between coats, you might notice this issue too.

The actual paint itself can also play a part. For example, low-quality paint is more likely to crack, or if oil-based paint is applied over latex paint. A good paint job requires high-quality paints and correct application.

Do the Products We Use Prevent Paint From Cracking?

Ultimately, your paint might crack due to various reasons. Paint can also crack simply due to age. Over time, it can become brittle and may crack because of the temperature and humidity. At this point, you will have no other choice but to repaint.

However, noticing paint cracking soon after the new paint job is a significant problem. We take steps to prevent this from happening. First off, we take the time to ensure that the painting surface is cleaned and dry. Of course, we only use high-quality paints that will not crack and peel under high humidity.

Our painters are professionals who know how to properly apply coats of paint that aren’t too thick or too thin. With years of experience behind us, we have worked on various surfaces in all kinds of temperatures, so you don’t need to worry about all the variables involved in getting a smooth coat of paint.

We never rush through our paint jobs and always make sure to leave enough time for the paint to dry in between layers. This is part of proper application, along with applying a primer onto the surface. This will help the paint apply smoothly, even in warmer temperatures.


Over time, paint does crack. While this is normal, new paint should not be cracking. If you only just applied the paint not long ago, seeing your paint crack is concerning indeed. Instead of needing to go back and fix paint problems, spend the time and money on professionals like us to ensure that everything is prepared correctly and that you have the best quality paints along with the right techniques and tools used.