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Does It Matter What Time of Year I Choose to Paint My Home?

Painting your home is a big project and one that will often take several days. From preparing your home to actually painting it, there’s a lot to take care of and keep in mind. One crucial factor to think about is the time of year when you choose to paint your home.

Each season will have different pros and cons when it comes to exterior painting Orlando, but when you hire our painting experts, it’s possible to paint any time of the year. Depending on the season, though, here’s what you can expect:

Painting in the Winter

Winter in Florida is mild compared to other areas of the country. The sun shines almost daily, and there’s very little rain to think about. For most Floridians, painting their home’s exterior during this time is ideal.

Winter weather in Florida is warm enough that paint will dry, and there’s much less humidity. With less wind, there’s a better chance of your paint drying evenly and smoothly. It is vital to ensure temperatures remain above 50 degrees so your paint will dry well, but this is rarely a concern in Florida.

Painting in the Spring

Spring is another great time to paint the exterior of your home. The humidity is still low, and paint will still dry quickly on its own. While it will be rainier than during the winter months, it is the next best option because there is less moisture in the air and a lower risk of the paint bubbling while it dries.

Painting in the Summer

Although Florida is warm and sunny, summer is not the most ideal time to paint your home exterior. Humidity is at its highest point in the year, which means a higher chance that paint will bubble as moisture gets trapped inside. Even indoors, painting during the summer can be difficult unless your AC is on high and you’re certain the humidity is low.

During the summer, heat is a concern as well. Paint will dry too quickly in hot temperatures, making it look rough.

Another thing to worry about in the summer is high winds and rain. Wind will send dirt, dust, and debris into the freshly painted walls of your home and leave the paint job looking messy. 

Painting in the Fall

Fall is hurricane season in Florida, so it isn’t a great time to paint your home’s exterior. Humidity is also high, but hurricanes are the biggest concern for any paint project. Even if one doesn’t roll by during the painting process, a hurricane can ruin a recent paint job as the paint is still soft and fresh. 

While temperatures are lower than in the summer, painting in the fall is still challenging. It’s highly recommended that you call in our professionals if you’re going to paint your home as they’ll be better prepared to handle the weather and have a higher chance of the paint job looking good in the end.


When you paint the interior of your home, it isn’t as important to consider the weather and the time of year. While you should still keep in mind the heat and humidity levels, interior paint jobs are less prone to weather damage and are easier to complete.

When painting the exterior of your home, it’s critical to keep in mind the type of weather you’ll be facing during a certain time of year. While winter is the best time for Florida homeowners to get their home exterior painted, it isn’t always possible. Spring is the next best option, with summer and fall coming in as a last resort.

If you want your paint job to look good, hire our professional painters no matter what time of year it is. We have years of experience and knowledge to know how to work with the weather and still produce great painting results for you!