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It's an honor to be the top choice for a painting contractor in Orlando and surrounding areas. We have worked hard to earn the impeccable reputation. Paisley Painting Contractor company is a local owned business, and we care about making sure our clients get exactly the type of workmanship and customer service they want & deserve. We not only offer quality painting contractor services, but we also take care of the prep work, and the clean up as well. Customer satisfaction is the #1 priority, and is the foundation of how I run my painting contractor business.

Painting Preparation

Proper & thorough surface preparation is the most important part of a long-lasting quality exterior repaint job. No matter how good the paint quality is, if the surface is not well prepared, it won't last as long!
  • 1. All areas to be painted are first chemically cleaned with TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) detergent & Chlorine to kill all mold & loosen old faded paint.
  • 2. All exterior surfaces are high-powered pressure washed to further clean, expose cracks, & remove chalky paint.
  • 3. All cracks, holes, and peeling paint are scraped, sanded, caulked, filled/patched, and primed as needed.
  • 4. Quality preperation also includes masking, paper, plastic, and shielding for over-spray & splatter protection.
  • 5. 100% job clean-up after completion of your exterior house painting job.

Paint Application

"Not all coats of paint are created equal... even with the same paint, one applicators paint coat can be applied much thinner than anothers." -William Paisley, Owner
All paint application starts with a two-coat system, applied at the manufacturer's specified paint film thickness. Paint is applied directly out of the container and never thinned!

We offer 4 Different Paint Systems:

1. STANDARD (15 Year Warranty) Two-coats of FLORIDA Paints Glades, 100% acrylic satin paint, dry film thickness of 2.9 mils.

2. PREMIUM (25 Year Warranty) Two coats of FLORIDA Paints SeaSideor Sherwin Williams SuperPaint premium satin paint, dry film thickness of 3.4 mils.

3.  LIFETIME Warranty,  Two coats of FLORIDA Paints Legacy premium paint, dry film thickness of 3.7 mils

4. ULTIMATE (Primer/Sealer coat) This can be added to any of the above options, to create the longest lasting paint finish possible.  This is a third coat that goes on before the paint, to seal and provide a proper surface allowing the two coats of paint to fully do their job protecting your home. 

The Finished Look

  • 1. We always put our customer’s needs first in providing top quality service.
  • 2. We arrive on time, keep you informed, & deliver what we promise (a beautiful paint job with complete 100% customer satisfaction.)
  • 3. Paisley Painting contractor company offers affordable prices.
  • 4. We offer FREE Professional Color Consultations.
  • 5. We offer a FREE Estimate that will give you an accurate understanding of your project details and cost before your interior or exterior painting job even begins.
"Thorough surface prep, combined with high quality paint, applied at manufacturers specified thickness is key to a high quality paint job that will keep your home protected & looking good for many years longer than the average paint job." -William Paisley/Painting Contractor

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